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Stain Colors
I use Sherwin Williams industrial variety Wood Classics Premium Quality Oil Based Wood Stains only. Stains will vary in color and tone, depending on the type of wood to which they are applied. Since no two trees are identical, wood can be expected to differ in both color and graining. The natural tone of fine woodwork owes most of its charm to these variations in color and grain. When designing a project for you, stains will be applied to a wood sample to determine the exact color for your project. Stains can also be custom-blended to match existing furniture or woodwork.
Stains are shown on Oak. Due to natural variations of color and graining in different wood species and variations in sanding, staining, and finishing techniques, the final stain color will vary. These tints are shown as examples only. 
Clear Chestnut White Ash Deep Cherry

Ebony Basswood Traditional Cherry Black Cherry

Library Oak Dark Mahogany Classic Fruitwood Scandia Teak

Auburn Anigre Hollyleaf Blackberry Mission Oak

Black Walnut Autumn Oak Cinnamon Mahogany

Washington Cherry Golden Maple Dark Oak Cordovan

Golden Hickory Midnight Black Sedona Fruitwood

Cherry Wheat    

Stains shown on various wood species: Ash, Birch, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut
Pearlwood on Birch Sedona on Cherry Blackberry on Cherry Mission Oak on Cherry

Butternut on Ash Bronze Walnut on Walnut Gourmet Oak on Birch Sugar Maple on Maple

Colonial Cherry on Cherry      


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